The healing properties of cherry blossom

The healing properties of cherry blossom

Prunus serrulata

​The Japanese see Cherry Blossom as symbolic of clouds with their cloud like blossoming and more beautifully Mono no aware ​which translates as ‘the pathos of things’ noting a empathy and sensitivity to the transience of aspects of life.

The Chinese recognise the feminine beauty of the Cherry Blossom and symbolise the flower with love.

Healing properties: Cherry Blossom brings the feminine energy of love to spring and brings the healing energy of giving, enhancing and attracting love through the feminine energy.

Chakras:​ Anahata – The love of cherry blossom resonates with your heart chakras.

Meditation:​ Walk amongst the flowering blossom trees. Sit beneath a blossom tree in a park or in your garden. Drink some water to bring flow to your body. Take five slow and deep breaths.

With an open heart ask for the unconditional love of the Universe to support you with you intention to enhance, attract and give your love and beautiful feminine energy. We have an unlimited capacity to love and receive love in abundance and cherry blossom is a gift from nature to support us with this. Acknowledge your wish to give love in abundance to the Universe and with open arms feel the lift of energy.

Say the mantra: ‘I work openly with the Universe to give and receive love in abundance. I work lovingly with the Universe to radiate love in every thought, word and action I hold. I trust the Universe and know that I am unconditionally loved, I am unconditionally safe and everything is working out perfectly.’

Give thanks to the Universe for all the love you have given and received in your life.

Place your hands upon the trunk of the blossom tree. Feel the loving energy resonate and stay still imagining yourself with so much love, so many loving images, feelings and moments that life is indeed beautiful. Feel the essence of the cherry blossom, feel the essence come from the flowers through the branches, down the trunk transferring into your being, you become one with the cherry blossom tree. Open your eyes and see everything with the beauty of love, unconditional love, love without measure, pure love.

The Universe loves you so much it wishes for you to continue to manifest love and receive love in abundance. What a beauty gift – cherry blossom – enhancing love at the beginning of spring! Everything in the world holds love and everyone has the capacity to love, it is contagious.

​Remember that the external world is a physical manifestation of our inner being, love comes from within so your every thought, word and deed becomes your physical being.



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